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Sun 02 July 2017

Amanda + Matt | American's wedding in Apulia
Un matrimonio in Puglia non è mai un matrimonio qualunque. Amanda e Matt, entrambi americani, hanno volato da New York fino a Pezze di Greco per giurarsi amore eterno nel cuore di una distesa di ulivi secolari, all’interno di un suggestivo insediamento rupestre da cui ammirare la bellezza del mare e l’orizzonte delle verdi colline. In un caldo pomeriggio di luglio, circondati solo dalle rispettive famiglie, hanno scelto una cerimonia estremamente intima, celebrata dal padre di Matt in uno dei giardini di Masseria Montenapoleone, dove sorrisi [...]

Wed 16 November 2016

Wedding trends: red dresses for the brides
For the most important day, the day you say "I do, " the choice of the dress falls, as usual, on clean lines and linear cuts, embellished with lace, pure silk, georgette and crystals, known to be the essence of the fabulous world of wedding dresses. Then there is chiffon, absolute white, and in our minds, floating white rose petals with a delicate scent and with the intention of making everything a wonderful fairytale.   New wedding trends, however, present increasingly [...]

Thu 29 September 2016

Julia + Andrea: Wedding in Puglia
The moment of a 'yes', the love of a lifetime.     Elegance, hand in hand, crosses the threshold of the Russian Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas in Bari. A shower of rice and rose petals awaits the newlyweds. A champagne-colored dress and lace complete her smile, and the cornflower blue blossoms in his pocket match his dreamy eyes.   For the wedding party, Castello Monaci becomes the loom for weaving the threads of a great love. Dressed with flowers and glitter, full of warmth and shades of love.   A love [...]

Sat 27 August 2016

Denise + Mirko: Wedding in Brindisi
Every wave of the sea has a different light, just like the beauty of those we love.   The love of Denise and Mirko is sincere and passionate; they decided to celebrate their wedding in their native city Brindisi, one of the most beautiful wedding locations in Puglia.   They promised each other eternal love before their families and closest friends in a unique and exceptional landscape.   This is a delicate and sensual love, made of loving looks, passionate kissing ... and the occasional selfies, in the south’s exuberant natural [...]

Sat 09 July 2016

Sara + Andrea: Wedding in Ostuni
The excitement of a day, a dream that dances to the tune of love, a promise.      “[…] And they lived happily ever after."   That is how all the greatest love stories should be told. Beautiful stories, rich in emotions, to make your eyes sparkle and your heart pound. Love stories that tells of exchanging looks and smiling, holding hands and taking the same road together day after day. Loves that promise with a kiss, that shine in perfect simplicity. This is the same simplicity that reigns in historic, [...]