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Sun 29 September 2019

G + M | Como Lake Love Story
A love story in the suggestive location of Como Lake.

Fri 02 August 2019

Photo session with Kate in Ostuni, Puglia
A walk, among the alleys of the white city, told with fashion style.

Mon 22 July 2019

Mr & Ms Garner - Family Vacation Story in Puglia
The photographic story of a few hours, spent together with the Garner Family, in the suggestive Polignno a Mare in Puglia.

Thu 11 July 2019

D + V | Wedding in Masseria San Nicola, Puglia
Civil ceremony in an Apulian farmhouse among olive trees and illuminations.

Wed 10 July 2019

M + J | Love Story in Lecce, Apulia
A fun love story in Lecce, the baroque style city in the heart of Puglia.

Sat 01 September 2018

Benedetta + Adriano | Wedding in Rocca D'Evandro
Collocato su di un piccolo colle ai piedi del Monte Camino, il borgo di Rocca D'Evandro festeggia il matrimonio di Benedetta e Adriano, due giovani ragazzi che coronano il loro sogno in una [...]

Mon 02 July 2018

Concetta + Fabrizio | Wedding in farm

Sun 02 July 2017

Amanda + Matt | American's wedding in Apulia
Un matrimonio in Puglia non è mai un matrimonio qualunque. Amanda e Matt, entrambi americani, hanno volato da New York fino a Pezze di Greco per giurarsi amore eterno nel cuore di una distesa [...]

Thu 29 September 2016

Julia + Andrea: Wedding in Puglia
The moment of a 'yes', the love of a lifetime.     Elegance, hand in hand, crosses the threshold of the Russian Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas in Bari. A shower of rice and rose petals [...]

Sat 27 August 2016

Denise + Mirko: Wedding in Brindisi
Every wave of the sea has a different light, just like the beauty of those we love.   The love of Denise and Mirko is sincere and passionate; they decided to celebrate their wedding in their [...]

Sat 09 July 2016

Sara + Andrea: Wedding in Ostuni
The excitement of a day, a dream that dances to the tune of love, a promise.      “[…] And they lived happily ever after."   That is how all the greatest love stories should be told. Beautiful [...]