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  • Thu 29 September 2016

    Julia + Andrea: Wedding in Puglia

    The moment of a 'yes',

    the love of a lifetime.



    Elegance, hand in hand, crosses the threshold of the Russian Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas in Bari. A shower of rice and rose petals awaits the newlyweds. A champagne-colored dress and lace complete her smile, and the cornflower blue blossoms in his pocket match his dreamy eyes.


    For the wedding party, Castello Monaci becomes the loom for weaving the threads of a great love. Dressed with flowers and glitter, full of warmth and shades of love.


    A love in grand style, enhanced with fragrance, a light touch, caressing and kissing.

    On this day, only sweet words, petals, confetti and heartfelt smiles are admitted. And then kisses. Those slow, passionate kisses on the neck, temples, and back.
    Strong hugs and kisses so fierce they take your breath away.
    Kissing as an art, as if in portraits or sculptures. Romantic and passionate, emblem of a true love.

    Kisses given, with a caress and a smile. And then, again, dreams, eyes that meet and look in the same direction. Woven abstractions from the present flowing behind us, new constellations drawn together, scents dispersed and inhaled. 
    Strong and vigorous, tenacious and passionate love. Love that gives everything and asks for nothing. Love like a one-way trip for two.

    "Love that moves the sun and the other stars." Yes, that's right, love is the real engine of the world, lifeblood of two bodies in perfect symbiosis, within the same universe. No matter how beautiful the clothes or shoes, the truest elegance is also the most hidden, not perceived by everyone, but only the one to whom you decide to give your heart.

    To you who believe in love and teach us to love every day!