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  • Sat 09 July 2016

    Sara + Andrea: Wedding in Ostuni

    The excitement of a day, a dream that dances to the tune of love, a promise.



    “[…] And they lived happily ever after."


    That is how all the greatest love stories should be told. Beautiful stories, rich in emotions, to make your eyes sparkle and your heart pound.

    Love stories that tells of exchanging looks and smiling, holding hands and taking the same road together day after day.

    Loves that promise with a kiss, that shine in perfect simplicity.

    This is the same simplicity that reigns in historic, rocky Ostuni, where Andrea and Sara have decided to consecrate their marriage. Delicate white petals frame the bride and groom, elegant white roses grasped in her hands, clean and elegant lines for a wedding in grand style. 


    For the reception, white-dressed tables are resplendent under the starry July sky in evocative and magical Puglia. Characteristic olive trees in their vast silvery expanses, the sea on the horizon and  architecture of tinted limestone. All so white, so pure and true.

    Still, petals, glitter and confetti offer a sophisticated allure, with the most precious attention to detail.

    Lights, luxury and style are just a backdrop, because real love is the sole and irreplaceable star of the scene.

    That is the beauty of weddings; the wonder of believing in love again and celebrating it according to tradition. That is the beauty of the inexplicable joy that hovers in the air and carries us away.