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Francesco Francioso

I have been enthusiastic about photography since childhood, growing up in my father Emanuele’s photo studio, where I had my first experiences as an assistant.

I specialized in creative advertising at the Istituto Europeo di Design (European Design Institute) in Milan and work with photographer Lorenzo Marcucci. Assisting with shootings with big name photographers, I refined my knowledge in the field of fashion and glamour.

After founding the company TuttaVita S.r.l.in 2008, the first entertainment company in Puglia, I became the artistic director of "FashionPuglia," the high fashion festival for young designers.

I take care of the image of many companies and share with my father a passion for photography.

What I try to convey with my images is spontaneity and naturalness. I prefer a casual, empathetic and elegant style, which does not distort reality, but that values and puts the portrait subject at ease, discreetly capturing their most intimate and emotional aspects.

Emanuele Francioso

The birth of my passion for the visual arts coincided with that of my children; becoming a parent has helped me understand the importance of everyday moments.

In 1986, I began to collaborate with many photographers in Puglia as a video operator and VMR, and in 1991 I opened my personal office, where innovation and talent converge.

Always desiring greater professional completeness, I have taken master classes and seminars from distinguished professionals in the portrait, wedding and artistic realm, such as Mauro Ranzato, Pino Settanni, Oreste Pipolo, Luciano Siviero and Marianna Santoni.

I have the pleasure of working alongside my son Francesco, sharing a love of photography with him and a team of enthusiastic young professionals who constantly feed my creativity.

Photography allows me to capture and return the authentic and unique emotions of everyone's life. And that, to me, is a great privilege.

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