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Happy Couple

Placido Laura Tamborrino

 We wanted to thank you again for the wonderful work you have done. Our day was perfect and unforgettable thanks to you. We are speechless... The photos and videos are incredibly beautiful. Thanks again for capturing the most significant moments of that unforgettable day. Heartfelt thanks to all the staff at Francioso Studios by Placido, Laura and little Aurora. 

Fri 06 February 2015 - Facebook

Aleandra Muolo

 Thanks for making me feel at ease on the most exciting day of my life. Thanks for your effort, will, spontaneity and perfection in carrying out your work. Thank you for making our magical and exciting dvd and album; each photo is more beautiful than the last and the video is full of joy and emotion. I can't stop looking at them; each detail is precious. Every song in its place, every shot is wonderful. Simply, thank you for everything. You guys are great, I would choose you again another thousand times. 

Thu 08 October 2015 - Facebook

Rosy Sacco

 We had the entire staff at our disposal for any problem. They were all very reliable and precise in the organization of the pre-wedding filming and during the great day. First, we could dispel the myth that on the wedding day it is not possible to enjoy the party, because of the time spent taking photos ... We had the time to do it all! Photos with perfect attention to detail and, above all, the exceptional care that the staff took to make us feel comfortable. That's what matters! At the end of the day, you will feel exhausted, but eager to see the album and the video. Thanks to those who, on that day, made an instant last forever! 

Sat 31 October 2015 - Matrimonio.com

Maddalena Cardone

 We gave everything 5 stars, because you deserve the best. You gave us everything we wanted. We get together almost daily to see our photos and video, but every time they seem more beautiful. We can never thank you enough ... With all my heart, really!  

Sat 31 October 2015 - Matrimonio.com

Annalisa D'Errico

 Francioso Studios staff photographers are amazing ... They add creativity to their professionalism and skill. We recommend them to all future brides and grooms. They are prompt and accurate in everything, as well as friendly and helpful. Our videotape, so far, is the nicest we've seen (compared to those of other photographers), the album is great ... We trusted blindly in their abilities and it paid off. Congratulations guys! Keep it up! 

Sat 31 October 2015 - Matrimonio.com

Angelica Marcone

 I would recommend the Francioso Studios staff to all couples approaching their wedding to capture their special day! They are reliable, professional, original and innovative. The experience of the drone was exciting. We had a great time, especially during the post-wedding ... So much laughter and many moments that we will never forget. Thank you!  

Wed 04 November 2015 - Matrimonio.com

Giampiero Anglani

 Thanks to all the staff at Francioso Studios for being close to us on such an important day. We didn't notice the photographer’s presence at all ashe immortalized every moment of joy with our friends. The technologies involved are truly stunning. Thank you to all the team! 

Fri 10 June 2016 - Matrimonio.com

Gianni Calò

 What a great team! You have demonstrated professionalism, skill, courtesy and the ability to be always one step ahead with your equipment and your desire to improve. You continue to amaze us. Thank you. Ada & Gianni.  

Mon 13 June 2016 - Facebook

Cinzia Galiandro

 We couldn't rely on people better than you! You are everything we could wish for: friendly, simple, with a touch of madness and, above all, professional! Thank you very much!!!  

Sat 09 July 2016 - Facebook


 That day seemed to be on a film set, five operators at work for us with the most advanced technologies available. Although we are not used to being in front of cameras and photographers, their professionalism made us relaxed, putting us at ease. They were present also for the guests, ready to capture every moment with the utmost discretion. Great! 

Mon 05 September 2016 - Matrimonio.com

Danilo Gambardella

 These are people who can tell your story just as you would...  

Mon 31 October 2016 - Facebook

Arianna Buongiorno

 I recommend Francioso Studios to everyone; they are great professionals that make your special day a true celebration. It is not simply a picture you will see tomorrow, but an album full of emotions that you will relive every time you look through it. They put you at ease and are ready to advise you and to welcome your ideas ... Just brilliant! I take this opportunity to thank you. In my opinion, they are the best on the market and their prices are economical, considering everything they do. Great job, Emanuele, Francesco and Fabio ... A fun and successful trio. Thank you! Arianna and Santi 

Mon 14 November 2016 - Matrimonio.com

Amici più che fotografi

 The team Francioso Studios during the wedding day become more like friends than photographers, no embarrassment, no shyness, all accompanied by a smile and a lot of great professionalism; we have not yet finished work but I can recommend it strongly to everyone, were outstanding!!! Thank you! Marco and Jacinta, 28/07/2018. 

Sat 28 July 2018 - Matrimonio.com

Ciak si Gira

 Ciak si gira. A famous sentence said: Take care of your memories because you cannot live them again. Cute from the first moment, where, among coffee and fiesta offer you notice their professionalism.Explain to you all of the tools that they use, as day will take place in the smallest details. Arriving in the team at the home of the newlyweds and them kidnap to be able to capture every movement, every second. The fantastic thing is the link they create and where every guest can upload their photos, really original idea. What can I say? I'll write a new review as soon as we deliver the all, we are newlyweds. Thanks for everything Elisa&Alessio 

Sat 04 August 2018 - Matrimonio.com