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Always keeping pace with technology and looking for new prospects, we constantly use the latest equipment – including drone, steadycam and slidecam – to depict the unique instants of an unforgettable day.

The total mastery of the best film techniques and post-production tools and sophisticated lighting systems allows us to operate in all light conditions and cope with any needs.

We can capture, with sensitivity and discretion, the energy and enthusiasm of your every moment. A careful choice of scenes and shooting with the state of the art SLR system in full HD and in 4 k will make your most important moments even more compelling and exciting. The spectator will also become a protagonist of your film.


Lidia + Giuseppe

  • Wedding Story

    Location: Masseria Caselli, Puglia


    Collocato su di un piccolo colle ai piedi del Monte Camino, il borgo di Rocca D'Evandro festeggia il matrimonio di Benedetta e Adriano, due giovani ragazzi che coronano ...

    Sara + Andrea | Wedding Trailer in Ostuni...

    Ostuni. Puglia. Monica decided to swear eternal love in one of the most evocative locations of southern Italy, known for its whitewashed houses, echoed in the color of ...