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Denise + Mirko | Wedding in Villa Marchesi, Apulia

  • Loving looks, beaming smiles and passionate kisses, with the unique and enchanting background of Brindisi, one of the most beautiful wedding locations in Apulia, the native city of the bride and groom.

    Denise and Mirko faced the stages of preparation with great excitement, love and, above all, the emotion of family members, perhaps even more excited than they were ...

    She, beaming in a pure white dress, and he, in uniform and eager to see his future bride, swore eternal love in the Church Ave Maris Stella. Outside, waiting for them, was a constant shower of rice and rose petals thrown by relatives and friends, who enjoyed posing with the newlyweds in shots that would immortalize their delicate and deep love.

    The reception was held at Villa Marquis, an elegant location to enhance a day full of love and the typical effusive joy of the South ... Because "a day without a smile is a day lost."

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