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Sara + Andrea | Wedding Trailer in Ostuni

  • Ostuni. Puglia. Monica decided to swear eternal love in one of the most evocative locations of southern Italy, known for its whitewashed houses, echoed in the color of this upscale wedding.

    In the Cathedral overlooking the charming old town and the sea on the horizon, a heartfelt and moving ceremony was held, a reminder that "living together is a patient, beautiful, and charming path", which begins when you conquer each other’s heart.

    Sara and Andrea’s pure and sincere love makes the alleys of the "White City" even brighter, as they stroll hand in hand between one kiss and the next.

    For the wedding party, white tables and precious details shine under the starry sky of Villa Clarizia, nestled in olive groves as far as the eye can see. The elegance of the stone architecture and the magic of the landscape make a wonderful setting for Love itself, the star of this unforgettable day ... and all those to come.

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    Wedding Story Location: Masseria Caselli, Puglia


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