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Wedding Photo

Our pictures want to tell the story of the most beautiful day of your life with spontaneity and naturalness, and it is important for your search to be oriented toward a professional with talent and experience whose style you like.

Elegant images to portray the details that make your special day, whether precious embroidery, a delicate bouquet or carefully chosen shoes ... but also smiles and dreamy eyes. Unique details that recall the style of your wedding and capture it for those who will browse your wedding album.

Photographic services can be:

  • traditional: includes posed photos and considerable involvement of the photographer marking the various moments of your wedding;
  • photojournalistic (or reportage): eliminates the static moments of classical photography because it does not involve posing, but spontaneously tells the story and its real events.

Through the wedding reportage, we discreetly immortalize all your most important moments, without interfering with or determining them.

Our staff, consisting of two photographers and two or more operators, will capture, with sensitivity and creativity, unique moments of your special day and make your images more intimate and true.